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A fresh approach to High rise facade cleaning services
in Nigeria and Africa.

ChemOClean is dedicated to redefining the concept of industrial, corporate and all levels of high rise facade cleaning services, cradle rentage, supplying of chemicals for industrial cleaning, etc leaving our clients with nothing less than greater value for money.

Our experience in the cleaning industry spans over 20+ years of experience, this we are bold to say has endeared our clients to us

Our Services includes:

  • Cleaning of High-rise exterior walls and glasses
  • Resurfacing of Mosaic Tiles, Ceramics Tiles, Marble Surfaces, Curtain Walls and Windows.
  • Installing of signboards/wall drape on high-rise wall for advertisement.
  • Painting of High-rise building.
  •  Renting and Hire of Cradle Suspended Machines
  • Supplier of industrial chemical for cleaning.

We want you to leave your entire high-rise wall/windows cleaning to Chemoclean Services. Integrity is our watchword and our prices are affordable. Please, feel free to contact us for a free no-obligation quote. Remember we are the best cleaning outfit in Nigeria and Africa.

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Through a commitment to excellence and continual investment in our team we seek to become the leading brand name within the cleaning industry in Africa.


Chemoclean Services is committed to providing and maintaining the highest quality facade cleaning service available by exceeding the expectations of our clients, as well as their employees, patients, students, and other visitors to their premises or facilities.

We are Facade Cleaning Outfit near you!

Care about your look? We do it better!


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