What We Do

Our Specialization

We specialize in High-Rise facade cleaning; resurfacing of Mosaic tiles, ceremics tiles, marble surfaces, curtain walls and windows, Installation of signboards/Wall drape on high-rise wall for Advertisement, Painting of High-rise buildings, cradle rentage and supply of industrial chemical for cleaning.

High Rise Window Cleaning Services

We offer exterior cleaning services for high rise buildings in Nigeria and Africa.

Installation of Signboard on High Rise Wall

We take great pride in our high rise installation capabilities. From design to permitting and installation, We have the expertise to make your project run perfectly from start-to-finish. Let your signage take you to new heights.

Suspended Cradle Platforms Rental Service

Do you need a cradle suspended platform equipment in Nigeria and Africa for your project? We offer rental and leasing of cradles machine for those looking to hire equipment in Nigeria and Africa.

We Genuinely Care

Chemoclean Services guarantee an outstanding quality service. Our commitment is to provide you with an excellent standard of professional high rise cleaning services, rentage of cradle equipments, supplying of  chemicals for industrial cleaning services. 


Our Promise

We build and encourage strong relationships. We will listen to your needs and requirements, and will always give you the most accurate estimate of your costs as is possible. We will ensure that you are given practical and realistic advice.

We are a Partner of first choice!

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